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Transnational Project  

“Networking Against Human Trafficking”, in short AHTNET, is the transnational partnership, that will work together until the 2007 and that involves four projects set up in the frame of the European programme Equal (Round 2) dealing with the issue of the trafficking of human being

AHTNET aims at networking against the trafficking of human beings by means of the exchanging of experiences and the identification of practices, the carrying out of innovative information and awareness raising actions devoted to different target groups (social workers, media, citizens, decision makers).

AHTNET will promote the following actions:

  • Preparation of an interactive exhibition on the theme of trafficking of human beings, to be transferred in the partners’ countries;
  • Collection through the web portals of the partners of true personal stories of people involved in the phenomenon. The most significant stories will be published in a booklet;
  • Study visits for sharing experiences and practices on the trafficking in Italy, Swede, Latvia and Greece.
  • Exchange of models, tools, guidelines regarding the nationals legal frameworks, actions, interventions, training modules, etc. to be published in a catalougue;
  • Final seminar in Brussels.

Transnational Project